Platis Yialos Beach in Mykonos is a coastal housing development which is acclaimed for its tourist facilities. It is located in the southern part of the island, in a 4km distance from Mykonos main village. Platis Yialos Beach, with the illimitable golden sand and its fully-equipped facilities attracts the water sports lovers and many more. From there you can approach, either by car or by the tourist boats, the most famous beaches of the island, Paradise and Super Paradise, and live in the delirious vibes of a beach party.

The visitors at Romantika have the opportunity to enjoy their swim in the beach of Platis Yialos which has been awarded with a Blue Flag of the EU. The beach lends itself to total relaxation, on the comfortable deck chairs and the Yialo Yialo Bar which complements the pleasure with its chilled fizzy drinks and cocktails.

The Yialo Yialo staff is there to make their experience unique.



Platis Yialos- Mykonos, 84600

Τelephone:  +30-22890-79816  | E-mail: info@romantika-mykonos.gr79816